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Bring Your Amigurumi Friday

Did you remember #BYATWF?

About a year and a half ago I started a fun event on Instagram. Every first Friday of the month people could bring their Amigurumi to work. All you had to do is share a fun photo of your amigurumi in your work environment on Instagram and add the hashtag #BYATWF. If you search Instagram with #BYATWF you can still see all the cool photos. People from all over the world joined this fun event. The response was amazing. That’s why I’ve decided to make a new fun international event. This time everyone can join and it’s not just work, it will be: #BYAF

Bring Your Amigurumi Friday

The goal of the #BYAF contest is to bring your amigurumi with you to whatever you are doing that first Friday of the month. This can be shopping for groceries, relaxing in the park, go to work or anything. Just bring your amigurumi with you and try to position it in an original situation: reading the paper on a bench in the park, working hard on a construction site, attending yoga class- anything is possible!


Every first Friday of the month you can upload one photo per account to participate. You can upload a photo during that weekend. Sunday night at 0.00 the contest will be closed. And on Monday I’ll choose a winner, sometimes together with a sponsor of the monthly prize. The winner will be chosen based on the creativity and the originality of the photo.


Each month new prizes will be chosen.


Go to BYAF and participate every first Friday of the month with this fun international event! And maybe you’ll win a prize.


A small selection of the BYATWF events in 2013.


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